Finding jobs out there…

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Modern ways of recruiting involves modern way of advertising. Employers are using various platforms to search for talent. The old ways of finding job openings in newspapers and jobs magazine are disappearing since print versions of these publications are vanishing themselves.


So where do employers list their jobs?

Some of the popular sites that can be helpful to find jobs in the private sector are as follows:  


Some of the popular sites that can be helpful to find jobs in the public sector are as follows:


With so many places to look… Find you favorite and start applying….GoodLuck






How can social media help in your job search?

In my previous posts, I mentioned that employers use social networking for hiring. So the next question is how can it help anyone in their job search?

One of the famous social network used by professionals to seek employment is LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn allows anyone to create a professional profile and build their network with peers, faculty, alumni, references and other professional acquaintances. The network provides one’s visibility to the outside world from the relationships built within the network. It is best to expand one’s network by requesting professional contacts to acknowledge the relationship and provide recommendations. The profile builds over time and adds information about you providing greater exposure to the employers. The built-in tool on the website provides the ability to prepare resume quickly. It also provides ability to apply for a jobs directly with some employers.

So Why Wait !!!.Let’s start with the profile at

Click on How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search” for tips on creating profile on LinkedIn



Do employers check social media sites?

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are used by most people to share their personal life with their friends and relatives. Information posted on these sites may be available publicly for anyone to view. This information can be used in favor or against you for your future employment. The YouTube video link gives statistics of how the information is being used by some employers.

Interesting Statistics

Recruiting in Modern Times….

In the last few years, the technology has advanced with greater degree providing the accessibility of internet in hands of common people with the mobile technology. There is shift in progress for recruiting strategies for new employees. The traditional methods of accessing information is becoming obsolete. Finding talent is becoming challenge for recruiting new employees. With baby boomers phasing out and Generation X and Y in the work force, the modern recruiting styles are being considered by most employers. This blog focuses on the modern ways employers are using to recruit new workers.