How can social media help in your job search?

In my previous posts, I mentioned that employers use social networking for hiring. So the next question is how can it help anyone in their job search?

One of the famous social network used by professionals to seek employment is LinkedIn.

Linkedin Logo

LinkedIn allows anyone to create a professional profile and build their network with peers, faculty, alumni, references and other professional acquaintances. The network provides one’s visibility to the outside world from the relationships built within the network. It is best to expand one’s network by requesting professional contacts to acknowledge the relationship and provide recommendations. The profile builds over time and adds information about you providing greater exposure to the employers. The built-in tool on the website provides the ability to prepare resume quickly. It also provides ability to apply for a jobs directly with some employers.

So Why Wait !!!.Let’s start with the profile at

Click on How to Use LinkedIn for Job Search” for tips on creating profile on LinkedIn



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