Technology & Recruiting

Technology has its place in recruiting. Human involvement in finding the right talent could not be replaced with modern technology. However more and more human resources departments are harnessing the power of technology in the recruitment process. An article by Adam Vaccaro on about “The Future of Recruiting and Hiring Technology” touches on some of these issues. Some employers have started to totally depend on technology for hiring process making the system very automated. However there are several drawbacks. An article on Forbes website by Liz Ryan provides interesting facts about technology in recruitment process. The article “How Technology Killed Recruitment”  lists some drawbacks with losing touch of humans.


Article on new ways of recruiting in medical profession…

Medical profession in spite of paying hefty salaries cannot find doctors for their patients. Modern times are changing medical profession in several ways. Not only technological changes are happening, the reforms on the medical coverage at national, state and local levels are creating challenges for medical associations and profession in general to find doctors for patient care.

An  interesting article by Jodie Jackson Jr on Columbia Daily Tribune “Medical Schools, Associations Looks for Ways to Recruit New Doctors” brings the fact of human motivation to light that to help others at times may be of greater priority than any other material benefit. Some associations are using this factor in these modern times of recruiting…..

Advertising & Talent Hunt

An article by Amy Rees Anderson on Forbes website shares some insights that are being used by companies to reach to the talent for filling the jobs. Employers have to target their potential employees. She lists some interesting ideas of where employers are advertising to recruit talent….that is somehow hidden and they have to explore and engage…..

An interesting read –    5 Unique Recruiting Ideas


What are companies looking for in a prospective employee?

Changing times have changed the corporate culture. With mobility and accessibility,  jobs are being performed remotely. The traditional concept of office is changing and so is the concept of supervision. Employers are looking for some special qualities in these modern times. Found a great article by Ask The HeadHunter on “Who Do High Tech Companies Want to Hire?” that lists what employers are looking for in an employee. Also it provides information on hiring strategies that high tech companies are using that involves several interviews to ensure that the new person coming into the company fits their culture.


Upcoming times…..” Strategies for 2014″

Not only the methods of bringing new talent to the company are changing, there is a shift in culture to retain the talent within the company. The employers are finding ways to empower their employees and cultivating talents desired through development programs.

The article about “The Year of Employee: Predictions for Talents, Skills and HR Technology In 2014” is forecasting changes that are/or will be taking place this year. The ten predictions listed are very interesting in understanding the changing priorities that employers will be using for talent attraction and retention.

Modern times recruiting uses various methods in this challenging times to maximize efficiency which is being redefined in this high tech era. This article is helpful in understanding the strategies being used by employers and will help prepare one to launch thier career in the upcoming times



What are recruiters doing to hire young talent?

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There are different generations who prioritize their life differently. Mellinnials also known as Generation Y (born between 1980-1999) are entering into the workforce. These “Generation Y” employees are grown with technology. Recruiters are understanding desires and motivations of mellinials and applying some hi-tech techniques to tap on to this talent. The article on Dice website “Best Techniques for Recruiting Mellinnials” demonstrates beautifully on modern ways that employers are using to recruit this young talent.